Ministry Team

Our Savior's Ministry Team
KNUTSON, John ; Pastor (512x640)
Pastor John Knutson
Senior Pastor
Pastor John Knutson was called as Senior Pastor in 2012 and is responsible as the lead shepherd of faith life, the vision, and the staff of this congregation.
LARSON, Dennis (512x640)
Dennis Larson
Minister of Worship & Music
Dennis Larson joined the staff in 1999 as our Minister of Worship & Music. Dennis is responsible for the worship and music program and collaborates with clergy on planning worship services. He is the principle organist and the lead director of the adult choir and instrumental groups.
LOOSCHEN, Korra; Deacon of Children Youth and Household Ministry (512x640)
Korra Looschen, Deacon
Director of Children,Youth & Family Ministries
In January, 2013, Korra Looschen joined the staff as Associate in Ministry/Director of Children, Youth and Household Ministry. Korra is responsible for overseeing the ministries in Faith Formation for all ages with an emphasis on Middle and High School youth.
ABBOTT, Rev. Debra; Senior Ministries
Pastor Deb Abbott
Senior Ministry Pastor
Pastor Deb Abbott serves part-time as our Senior Ministry Pastor. She is responsible for the Senior's Bible study, senior devotions and assists with pastoral visitation. She is also the Pastor at the UNC Campus Ministry in Greeley, CO.
STROH, Marlene ; Children's Faith Journey Coordinator (512x640)
Marlene Stroh
CFJ Coordinator
Marlene Stroh serves as our leader of children's programs known as "Children's Faith Journey." She recruits teachers and shepherds, and coordinates Vacation Bible School.
BLEIGNIER, Diana (512x640)
Diana Bleignier
Young at Heart Coordinator / Hospitality Hostess
Diana Bleignier serves as our Young at Heart Coordinator. She is responsible for planning and executing events for the senior members of the congregation. She also serves as Hospitality Hostess for OSLC events.
FLESCH, Kelly (512x640)
Kelly Flesch‏
Administrative Secretary
Kelly Flesch serves as our part-time Administrative Secretary supporting the office staff through a variety of bookkeeping and communication duties.
JORGENSEN, Marcia ; Secretary (512x640)
Marcia Jorgensen
Church Secretary
Marcia Jorgensen serves as our part-time Church Secretary supporting the office staff through a variety of communication duties.
WELL, Char ; Preschool Director and Teacher (512x640)
Char Wells
Preschool Director
Char Wells serves as a Preschool Director. She joined the staff in 1991.
GALLEGOS, Helen ; Preschool Teacher
Helen Gallegos
Preschool Teacher
Helen Gallegos serves as a Preschool Teacher. She joined the staff in 2011.
PRATZ, Heather; Preschool Teacher's Aide
Heather Pratz
Preschool Teacher's Aide
Heather Pratz serves as a Preschool Teacher's Aide. She joined the staff in 2014.
REAGER-SHOHAM, Ashley ; Preschool Teacher's Aide
Ashley Shoham
Preschool Teacher's Aide
Ashley Shoham serves as a Preschool Teacher's Aide. She joined the staff in 2016.
RULLA, John ; Custodial
John Rulla
John Rulla serves as our Custodian. He is responsible for keeping our building and grounds in order and for room setups.
Emily Mohlis
Emily Mohlis
Youth Ministry Assistant
Emily Mohlis is a student at the University of Northern Colorado studying Elementary Education. She is also the Peer Minister at Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry at UNC. Her home congregation is Peace In Christ Episcopal Lutheran Ministry in Elizabeth, CO.